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Vinegar Trick For Enamel Last Longer On Nails

Every woman has gone through this: you make your nails with a wonderful color, you can expect the enamel to dry without smudging, and even then, less than 24 hours later, your enamel is already all peeled.

Activities such as washing dishes, tinkering with cleansers, going to the gym and even typing often ruin the enamel, leaving the nails peeled and looking unpleasant.

But there is a homemade trick you can use to increase the duration of your enamel: just use vinegar.

Very popular in the kitchen, vinegar has the advantages of removing all the residue from the previous glaze, making the new enamel last longer, strengthening the nails, promoting growth and avoiding fungus infections.



Learn how to use vinegar for the enamel to last longer

1. Moisten a small piece of cotton in the vinegar;

2. Wipe the cotton on the nail before starting the enamel and wait for it to dry;

3. Pass a base layer and follow the enamelling normally.

Tip: You can use any type of vinegar, but the distilled white vinegar presents better results.

Other Benefits of Vinegar
Derived from the fermentation of wine and cider through the action of bacteria, vinegar has long been known for its uses in cooking, health and domestic cleaning. Now that you know the benefits of nail vinegar, discover other possibilities of using this powerful ingredient:

1. Relieve itch caused by insect bites: Simply moisten a cotton swab in the white vinegar diluted in water and scrub at the site of the bite.

2. Give shine to the hair: apple cider vinegar gives shine to the hair and regulates the pH of the scalp, avoiding irritations and reducing the formation of dandruff. To get these benefits, apply three spoons to damp hair after using the shampoo and wait 15 minutes. Rinse well and run the conditioner normally.

3. Improve digestion: a tablespoon taken immediately after meals stimulates the release of gastric juice, facilitating digestion. Attention: People with stomach problems such as heartburn or gastritis should avoid ingesting vinegar because the acid can further aggravate these conditions.

4. Control blood pressure: One of the advantages of using vinegar as a seasoning is that you can decrease the amount of salt because the food will already have a special flavor. That way, you eat less sodium and avoid high blood pressure peaks.

And best of all: vinegar is a much cheaper ingredient than many of the products intended for these functions.



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